Architectural Design


Our architectural design service includes space planning, kitchens, bathrooms, fixtures & fittings, lighting, electrical plans, and soft and hard furnishings. We often work with architects and developers to ensure efficient use of space and beautiful yet practical choice of materials. Our goal is to provide you with beautiful architectural design with each client’s individual aesthetic briefs. During the life of the project, we ensure that the project runs smoothly. We can assist in purchasing items, from pricing to scheduling deliveries. We also oversee all building work, attend regular site visits and meet with clients to give updates on                                                                                                                     progress and budget control.


Interior Design


Our interior design service ranges from the transformation of a single room to fully designed and decorated projects to meet each client’s briefs and requirements. Items are sourced from variety of trade contacts in the UK, Europe and Japan, as well as local retail stores, antique shops and markets for the search of interesting antique/vintage items. Although we don’t have a “Signature Style”, we love mixing antiques with classic and contemporary pieces to create an eclectic look. We aim to create a comfortable and unique space which reflects the client's personality and the designer's attention to detail.



We offer a consultation service for the clients who would like to undertake their own project, but require advice and direction in order to complete it successfully and achieve the design that they are after.